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WWE: The Attitude Era Hardcover Book

WWE: The Attitude Era Hardcover Book

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WWE: The Attitude Era Hardcover Book


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£22.00 £9.00


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Includes a FREE Stone Cold Steve Austin bottle opener! If you remember the "Attitude Era", you are probably of age for a Steve-weiser!!


When your back is against the wall, it's time to unleash a little Attitude! In the late 1990's, that's exactly what the WWE did. With its fans clamoring for something different, the competition moving in for the kill. Meanwhile, a motley crew of outlaws, oddballs and antiheroes were hell bent on blowing the doors off the status quo. It was the perfect storm, one that still shows its aftermath on the entertainment landscape.


In this cure for the common book, we breakdown the iconic Superstars, the outrageous moments, the pulse-pounding action and of course, the wanton debauchery that made up the years that will forever be held in infamy as The Attitude Era! Featuring:


- Stone Cold Steve Austin, D-Generation X, The Rock, Undertaker, Mankind, and the deep roster of WWE Superstars and Divas that defined "Attitude". 

- New interviews from Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Trish Stratus and many more!

- The Top 20 matches and moments from the era.

- A retrospective on the beginning and end of the era, plus all the chaos in between.

- Stunning visuals, with full color imagery on every page, including never-before-seen photos


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