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Undertaker "Thank You Taker" Commemorative Urn

Undertaker "Thank You Taker" Commemorative Urn

81,00 £ 54,00 £

Undertaker "Thank You Taker" Commemorative Urn


Producto: 017-099-013-0
81,00 £ 54,00 £
Producto: 017-099-013-0


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At one time, the trademark urn of The Undertaker was almost as legendary as the ominous Phenom himself. Throughout his early career, The Deadman's manager, Paul Bearer, would hold the mysterious object before him as a dark symbol of impending doom. And as The Demon of Death Valley's legend grew, so too did the speculation of what mystical powers the sacred container might possess. Superstars and fans alike began to believe that it may even carry with it the ability to give renewed strength to its intimidating owner, allowing him raise up and conquer even the strongest of opponents. Now you can own your very own Replica Urn!

This "Thank You Taker" Urn is the perfect Collector's piece! Made from high quality materials and comes with a magnificent casket display case, this is sure to be a conversation piece

  • 10 inches high
  • Made Cold Casted Poly-resin with Silver Electroplate
  • Casket Size: 14”H x 8 ¼” W X 7 ½” D – For all collectors to display!
  • Casket Made of : MDF Wood w/ Hook hinge lock 
  • Carved in front is Undertakers Classic Cross Symbol with on the Back is his profile image done in 4 color.



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